our mission

As an ex-pro athlete, Total Tone’s founder knows that the right mindset is a huge part of staying motivated during any fitness journey. Our mission is to ensure everyone achieves the body they truly deserve, regardless of physical fitness experience, and we are here to give you the additional support. 

Total Tone Training has the right tools at hand to keep your head in the game and make completing those final few burpees the only thing you need to worry about. So if you want to lose weight, build muscle and get toned, we have all the equipment you will ever need. Remember; sweat is just your fat crying, together we will make that b*stard cry like a baby.

Giving back

From the very beginning, Total Tone Training has been focussed on our mission of improving not only the quality of our customers health but actively bettering the community around us.

Through our cooperation with Work For Good, for every purchase made from Total Tone Training, we will donate 5% to Sport In Mind. Donating to a cause, especially one that shares the same values as ours, will have a positive effect on many more lives outside of our community.