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How to Exercise During Pregnancy – 19 Beneficial Exercises.

Exercise during pregnancy

How to Exercise During Pregnancy Crimbo Limbo (NOUN)  The period after Christmas Day and before New Year’s Eve, mainly spent sitting down and eating leftovers. Many find it extremely dull. “I’m so bored. It feels like crimbo limbo’s been going on forever…”  While many turn to binge watching Netflix and eating all the Christmas leftovers […]

7 Easy Ways to Stay Fit During the Holidays

stay fit during the holidays

Christmas comes but once a year and during that time we tend to let ourselves drink excessively, eat unhealthily and gain a few extra pounds. Many believe you can’t stay fit during the holidays as they do not have enough time to perform their regular workouts, but the overindulging in food and drink is undoubtedly […]

Stop Wasting Your Time On a Six Pack in 2020…….Here’s Why.

six pack

People believe that having a six pack is more important than a strong core. Contrary to popular belief, visible abs does not mean strong abs. In fact, you can have strong abs underneath belly fat. A six pack just means you have less visceral fat, which therefore allows your abdominal muscles to protrude. What are […]

Kettlebells Are The Best Piece of Fitness Equipment in 2020…….Here’s Why!


Kettlebells Are The Best Piece of Fitness Equipment in 2020 In the midst of a global pandemic (and now a second national lockdown), many people are not able to or simply not comfortable with going back to the gym. Studies show that a mere 31% of gym members have returned to their gyms/fitness clubs since […]

Get A Big Bum Fast By Adding These 3 Simple Moves To Your Workout

Get a Big Bum

One of the most popular fitness obsessions for people today is, wanting to get a big bum. The fact that #squats and #glutes have a combined 26 million mentions on Instagram alone proves the demand for wanting to know how to achieve a popping booty. Did you know that having a big derrière is actually […]

4 Reasons Why Working Out Is So Hard & Why Many Fail To Achieve Their Goals!

working out is so hard

OMG working out is so hard… With great power comes great responsibility and unfortunately, the responsibility starts and ends with you. You deserve to be the fittest, strongest, healthiest version of yourself and for that to happen you need to overcome the trials and tribulations you will face during your fitness journey. Here are four […]

The Importance Of Exercise in 2020: The Fascinating Truth

The Importance Of Exercise

The Importance Of Exercise…….. Fitness is crucial in more ways than you think. It can be broken down into two components; physical fitness and mental fitness. A common misconception is that for you to be fit you only have to concentrate on your body. However, peak fitness is only achieved when your mind and body […]

Aerobic vs Anaerobic Fitness: Which Is Right For You In 2020? The Answer Will Surprise You!

Aerobic vs Anaerobic Fitness: Which is right for you?

Aerobic vs Anaerobic………….. Well, the answer to this depends on your goals. What are you trying to achieve through your fitness? Do you want to shed fat, tone your body, build muscle or improve your cardiovascular endurance?  If you want to boost your metabolism and build muscle endurance, consider anaerobic exercise. This includes activity like: […]

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