Kettlebells Are The Best Piece of Fitness Equipment in 2020…….Here’s Why!


Kettlebells Are The Best Piece of Fitness Equipment in 2020

In the midst of a global pandemic (and now a second national lockdown), many people are not able to or simply not comfortable with going back to the gym. Studies show that a mere 31% of gym members have returned to their gyms/fitness clubs since the first lockdown was eased

While the gym has been an unfortunate casualty of the pandemic, working out from home has seen an increase in popularity like never seen before. Thanks to Instagram Live classes and PT sessions over Zoom, the fact the gyms are closed hasn’t stopped folks from achieving their fitness goals.

So with the whole country focused on a fitter and healthier lifestyle, many people want to know what piece of equipment is the best to invest in. The long answer is that every piece of equipment is worth the money as long as you use it, and use it correctly. But if you are in need of a short answer to “What is the best piece of fitness equipment?” look no further. Is it the treadmill? Is it the dumbbells? Is it the elliptical machine? All great pieces of workout gear but it’s actually none of the above.

The winner is (drumroll please)……the kettlebell!! 

Here’s why;


Name another tool that you can work every muscle in your body. If you want to build your biceps you can use a kettlebell. If you want to tone your legs you can use a kettlebell. If you want to strengthen your core you can use a kettlebell. The options are endless. 

The added benefit of the kettlebell is that if you also wanted to work all of these muscles at once using one movement, it’s possible.

  • The Turkish Get Up – Works the shoulders, upper back, glutes, obliques and Abdominals.
  • Kettlebell Swings – Works the muscles in the posterior chain especially the glutes, hamstrings, hips, core and back. The shoulders, forearms and lat muscles are also used.


Despite typically being considered cardio equipment, kettlebells can dramatically increase muscle size and strength. Due to the unconventional shape of the kettlebell, it requires your smaller stabiliser muscles to work harder to perform each movement. 

It’s not as simple as lifting a weight like you would if it were a dumbbell or barbell. Your joints, tendons, ligaments and muscle fibres have to work harder to control and stabilise a kettlebell. 

Don’t believe us? Try overhead pressing a 40kg barbell and compare that with two 20kg kettlebells.


The kettlebell used as a cardio tool is a beast at burning fat. Due to multiple muscles working when using the kettlebell it promotes an increase in metabolic rate, resulting in continued fat burn during the day.

Incorporate HIIT when using the kettlebell and see the fat melt off your body. Try the exercises below 20 seconds working and 40 seconds rest, as you get stronger increase your working time and lessen your resting time. 

  • Kettlebell Squat 
  • Kettlebell Overhead Press
  • Kettlebell Swing
  • Kettlebell Lunge
  • Kettlebell Bicep Curls
  • Kettlebell Sit Ups


Sometimes we just don’t have the time or the ability for a complete workout. A single 20-minute kettlebell workout can save the day. Doing kettlebell exercises back to back as part of HIIT or circuit training will help you burn fat and build strength all at once. 

We don’t all have the luxury of a home gym, so the ability to tuck the kettlebell away under your bed or in a cupboard is a massive win! It won’t take up any space or require you having to restructure a room to facilitate it. 


Nobody has ever said, “the kettlebell is so boring”. There has been a huge increase in popularity with this piece of equipment because of its workout diversity. There are a plethora of movements that can all be performed whilst using a dumbbell. This allows you to keep every workout fresh and exciting.

Here are 52 kettlebell exercises for you to choose from.


Buying a kettlebell won’t set you back financially. Now that you know everything about the kettlebell, it is even more clear that it is the best value for money. No other tool can offer you all that and transform your body all for a relatively small investment. We offer a range of kettlebells that you can buy today.

If you are looking for a piece of equipment that ticks every box then it has to be the kettlebell. Whether your focus is strength, endurance, or both, the kettlebell will be beneficial and effective. Kettlebells allow you to train anywhere, the local park, beach, outside or inside, you will never have an excuse to miss another workout.

Built for the fittest of athletes to the absolute beginner, the kettlebell is the ultimate workout tool. Design a workout for the kettlebell or easily incorporate it into your fitness routine, you are guaranteed to feel the amazing effects.

For these reasons, the kettlebell has to go down as the best and most effective piece of fitness equipment.

We salute you.

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